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Managed Advisory Platform

GWN’s Managed Advisory Platform features a suite of sophisticated advisory solutions, designed to serve your clients specific investment goals

MAP provides you with the independence to choose how to manage your clients investments

MAP Model Marketplace:

  • MAP's Model Marketplace allows you to select a professionally managed model from nearly 20 unique strategists.
  • Or combine multiple models to build a more diversified portfolio
  • Maximize your time with clients by outsourcing model creation and rebalance/allocation changes to a professional 3rd party strategist

MAP Fund Choice:

  • Choose from 1000’s of individual no load or load waived mutual funds or ETF’s
  • Including the Guaranteed Fixed interest Option (XGFF9)
  • A minimum of three funds/ETF are required for a complete portfolio, series 7 is required to select individual ETF’s

Combine MAP Model Marketplace & Fund Choice:

  • Choose a strategist model(s) and then choose mutual funds or ETF’s to enhance your clients portfolio
  • Customize and optimize your clients investment strategy

MAP Model Marketplace

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Core Strategies
Strategic with a Tactical bend
Blended Core Strategies
Enhanced Return Focus
Limit Loss Focus
Income & Diversifying strategies
Bond & Multi Asset

MAP Fund Choice

Choose from thousands of mutual funds and ETF's, including the Guaranteed Fixed Interest Fund

Designed to allow an Advisor to create their own allocations or enhance their client's portfolio

A minimum of 3 Mutual Funds/ ETF's must be chosen if a strategist model is not also selected, includes GWN Fixed Interest Fund (XGFF9)

GWN Fixed Interest Fund is for qualified account types only.

Click here for more info and current rates.

Series 7 is required to select individual ETF's.

Combine MAP Model Marketplace & Fund Choice

Combine your preferred strategist model(s) with individual mutual funds or ETF’s to create a more customized solution.
Strategist Model
Fund Choice Mutual Fund/ ETF
Fund Choice Mutual Fund/ ETF
Fund Choice Mutual Fund/ ETF
Fund Choice Mutual Fund/ ETF