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Custodial Advantage

About the program

The GWN Custodial Advantage Program, through our private custodian, allows your clients to invest with many of the most popular mutual fund companies - with no loads and no transaction fees. In addition, the Custodial Advantage offers the option to automatically rebalance quarterly to allow participants to realign their portfolios to maintain the desired allocation. This platform is assessed an annual 1% program fee by the firm.

Product type

403(b)(7); Roth 403(bX7); 457(b); IRA; IRA SEP; IRA Simple; IRA Roth, Solo K

Product detail

This is a Custodial Program offering mutual fund families with over 200 load waived/no transaction fee mutual funds


No minimum requirement


American Funds, Blackrock, Direxion, Franklin Templeton, Heartland, Invesco, Ivy, Janus, Keeley, PIMCO, Putnam, Rydex, Sierra Funds, T Rowe Price, The Standard, Virtus


403(b (7) & 457(b) Loans not available in Roth 403(b(7)


Quarterly statements Online. Hard copy statements are $35


75 bps across the grid