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American Funds Direct Advisory Program:

GWN and American Funds are an American Funds Direct Advisory Platform allowing investments directly held with American Funds convert to F2 shares, as well as the ability to purchase new investments directly on their platform. The converted share classes can be allocated into an American Funds model or an allocation of your choosing with a minimum of three funds. Advisory fees can be assessed from 75 bps to 200 bps in 25 bps increments.

Guidelines for American Funds Accounts:

Converted accounts only need GWN forms and the conversion form. New accounts need the GWN forms and the American funds application for F2

Account Minimum: $2,000.00

When selecting a model portfolio, the below guidelines apply:

  • Only one model may be chosen per account type
  • GWN manages with American Funds directly all model allocation

If choosing the (American Funds Choice) individual funds, the below guidelines apply:

  • Minimums must be met
  • Target Date Funds may not be selected
  • A minimum of three funds per account are required for complete portfolio
  • Money market fund has a higher minimum

A-class shares can only be converted four (4) years after the initial purchase
C-class shares can only be converted after the one year CDSC time has elapsed
R-class shares may be converted at any time

401k, Keogh and money purchase plans are not available


20 bps platform fee - remaining fee goes across the grid

American Funds Portfolio Series

  • Objective-based. Pursue a wide range of goals based on timeframe, risk tolerance and other factors.
  • Trusted. Invest in a blend of funds with proven track records carefully selected by senior investment professionals.
  • Monitored. Benefit from regular reviews by an oversight committee to ensure results and holdings are aligned with fund objectives.
Features & Benefits

The American Funds Portfolio Series is designed to help investors pursue long‐term investment success.
Consider what these funds offer:


Purchase a diversified portfolio of American Funds in a single transaction.


Easily incorporate the funds into your investment portfolio based on common objectives.


Separate assets that you want to protect from those you’re willing to subject to more volatility to pursue long-term goals.

Portfolio Oversight

To help ensure that the funds always stay aligned with their objectives, a group of senior investment professionals with varied backgrounds and investment approaches, and decades of industry experience regularly review the funds’ results and holdings.

They don’t expect to make major changes frequently, however, the Portfolio Oversight Committee may add or remove underlying funds, or change the current underlying fund weighting to help the funds of funds meet their objectives.

American Funds Retirement Income Series

The American Funds Retirement Income Portfolio Series consists of three managed portfolios — Conservative, Moderate and Enhanced — that can help retirees address their income and longevity needs.

Made up of American Funds, these portfolios:

  • Were created by the American Funds Portfolio Oversight Committee — a seven-member team of senior investment managers — based on extensive research and their in-depth knowledge of the underlying funds.
  • Seek to support varying withdrawal rate ranges and risk tolerances while maintaining as much of a retiree’s initial investment as possible.
  • Were designed to be a part of a broadly diversified retirement income portfolio.

A recent survey found that the chief concern among retirees is having the ability to maintain their lifestyles in retirement. In addition, investors in retirement want to be assured of asset growth as they take withdrawals from their investments.

The American Funds Retirement Income Portfolio Series strives to:

  • Be a withdrawal source for a retiree’s lifestyle — or, discretionary — spending needs as a complement to other investments and sources of income in their portfolios.
  • Preserve as much of the initial investment as possible, even as retirees take regular withdrawals.

Translating Need and Risk Into Withdrawal Rate RangesThe American Funds Portfolio Oversight Committee used extensive research and modeling to determine the suggested annual withdrawal rate ranges for each of the three portfolios.

Each retirement income portfolio is designed to address varying income needs and risk tolerances, and each has a suggested annual withdrawal rate range.

Features & Benefits

We built the American Funds Retirement Income Portfolio Series to help address the needs of investors nearing or in retirement.

These funds of funds are:

Focused on
withdrawals &

They seek to support different withdrawal rate ranges while maintaining as much of a retiree’s initial investment as possible.


They’re made up of different mixes of equities and bonds, allowing for variation in withdrawal rates and risk tolerances.

Actively monitored

They benefit from the ongoing research and attention of the American Funds Portfolio Oversight Committee.

Portfolio Oversight

The American Funds Portfolio Oversight Committee — investment professionals who have a long history of successfully managing funds to pursue investor objectives — developed and monitor the American Funds Retirement Income Portfolio Series.

Retirement income portfolios are complex. At times the need to take withdrawals can conflict with the desire for capital preservation. The historical roles of stocks and bonds have shifted in recent years, making the interplay between markets more difficult to navigate.

That’s why the committee:

  • Performed exhaustive proprietary research, analyzing both historical data and likely future scenarios.
  • Deployed data that reflects both even and extreme market conditions.
  • Relied on their deep experience in managing the underlying American Funds.

These seven seasoned American Funds portfolio managers offer:


The committee averages 27 years of industry experience.


They know the underlying funds well; all manage at least one of the underlying funds in the portfolios.


They continually monitor the portfolios — more intensely in times of volatility.


American Funds Model Portfolio