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Additional Non-Advisory Solutions

403b and TPA Services

GWN’s dedication to the 403(b)/457 and retirement plan market has been the catalyst for many of the programs that are offered today. GWN’s administrative arm is fully automated and electronically linked with hundreds of nationally-recognized mutual fund and insurance companies. In addition, GWN offers TPA services that include:

  • Fully Compliant Plan Document
  • Adoption Agreement
  • Product Provider Service Agreement
  • Provider Hold Harmless Agreement
  • Summary document to educate and inform plan participants
  • Notice of participant availability in the plan
  • Salary Reduction Agreement
  • Sponsor administrative and compliance procedures manual
  • Participant Communication
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Electronic feeds from approved providers
  • Approved providers and products
  • Transfer monitoring with approved products
  • Contribution and catch-up limit monitoring
  • Hardship distribution approval and deferral suspension notification and monitoring
  • Loan approval and monitoring
  • Distribution approval and notice to providers
  • Required Minimum distributions (RMD)

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529/College Planning

GWN provides access to 529 plans that are available through all the mutual fund families we have selling agreements with.
Please use the link below to find out about state specific plans.

Mutual Funds

GWN has selling agreements with the following fund families:

Variable Annuities

GWN has a selling agreement with the following insurance companies:


Our relationship with Pershing offers advisors access to NetX360, Pershing’s revolutionary technology platform providing the tools needed to manage clients’ accounts, deliver first-rate service, and develop new sales and revenue opportunities.

Please contact David Jasinover in the GWN home office at or call (561) 472-2700 extension 2712 for more information.

Banking Services

GWN’s relationship with AXOS bank allows you to provide a banking resource to your clients that will not try to take other parts of your clients’ investment like a credit union or traditional bank:

For more information please contact us @

Fixed Index Annuities and Life Insurance

Although indexed annuities and life insurance are considered OBA’s, only indexed annuities that are approved can be sold. Please click here for the list of approved indexed annuities. Please contact the Compliance department if you would like a product added to the list.

If you are unfamiliar with available products in the marketplace, GWN has preferred IMO’s that can assist you:

Note: While not required, we prefer that you write any VUL business through one of the above preferred IMO’s for suitability purposes