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TAM - Strategist Overview

What Are Multi-Market Portfolios?

While every investor is unique, the key to a successful investment relationship is straightforward—meeting client expectations, consistently.

The TAM Multi-Market portfolio series is designed to help you more easily (and reliably) meet your clients’ expectations as markets ebb and flow. Each portfolio in the series features a strategic blend of complementary investment disciplines—designed to perform in different market environments.

Three Investment Disciplines Working Together

TAM Multi-Market portfolios feature a blend of three strategy types, which are calibrated to deliver on a risk-based investment objective:

A Clear Value Add For You, And Your Clients

TAM Multi-Market Portfolios give your clients access to three unique investment strategists in one, easy-to-understand portfolio. Robust diversification in a simple and explainable package, backed by three collaborative investment teams, aims to give your clients peace of mind and your office additional support to build positive client experiences.

TAM is Available on MAP Qualified

TAM Models
  • Balanced Growth
  • Balanced
  • Balanced Income


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